"In His Thoughts" by Jimmy Tang

“In His Thoughts” by Jimmy Tang

photographer Jimmy Tang model Michell @ Nouveau Model Management
"Artist In Residence" by Michael Durr

“Artist In Residence” by Michael Durr

photographer Michael Durr model Undine @ Stella Models styling Josefine B. make-up & hair Anna Maurer @ Monika Leuthner location Studio Casanova Sorolla
"All That She Wants" by Eric Chu

“All That She Wants” by Eric Chu

photography Eric Chu model Elysse @ Family Management styling Ivy Xu makeup & hair Jerry Kuo assistant Shohei Kawano  
"Au Naturel" by Michal Dybcio

“Au Naturel” by Michal Dybcio

photographer Michal Dybcio model Bartek Skaj
"Make The Moment" by Jelena Radenkovic

“Make The Moment” by Jelena Radenkovic

photographer Jelena Radenkovic model Carina @ Tempo Models Vienna stylist Patrick Palmanshofer 
"Discreet Charm" by Sebastien Jurkovich

“Discreet Charm” by Sebastien Jurkovich

photography Sebastien Jurkovich models Audrey@Dulcedo & Jessie@Folio stylist Emilie DeBonville mua & hair Isabella Forget photo assistant Thibault Navarro post production Patrick Lavoie
"Just in Pieces" by Agustín Armanino Méndez

“Just in Pieces” by Agustín Armanino Méndez

photography Agustín Armanino Méndez model Valentina@CoverManagement styling Priz Tamiano make-up Stephanie Gainsborg
"Nymph" by Klara Landrat

“Nymph” by Klara Landrat

photography Klara Landrat model Rachelle Moya hair & mua Rodolfo Vera Cruz, Juan Juan Salon, Beverly Hills location Cosmopolitan Resort, Las Vegas, NV
"Maja" by Kasia Rucinska

“Maja” by Kasia Rucinska

photography Kasia Rucinska model Maja Bezpalko @ Mango Models make-up Lucy Ridley fashion Paulina Dziminska fashion assistant Jasmine Furelid
"Girl Code" by Daniel Rosenthal

“Girl Code” by Daniel Rosenthal

photographer Daniel Rosenthal @ K2 Creative Management (Instagram / Twitter) model Yara @ Wilhelmina NYC stylist Amy Auslander hair & makeup Bruce Dean (@arrive_beautiful) Lindstrom with Wilhelmina Artists
"Under The Skin" by Goncalo M Catarino

“Under The Skin” by Goncalo M Catarino

photography Goncalo M. Catarino model Natalia K. @ Just Models styling Les Collectionneuses by Ana Rebelo & Fatima Goncalves make-up & hair Ines Marques
"...Waiting" by Jelena Radenkovic

“…Waiting” by Jelena Radenkovic

photographer Jelena Radenkovic model Krischan Esra Muller @ Tempo Models Vienna stylist Patrick Palmanshofer location Kunst Bogen 1060 Vienna
"Out Of The Blue" by Arne Hoffmann

“Out Of The Blue” by Arne Hoffmann

photographer Arne Hoffmann model Devon Owens @Modelwerk styling Maureen de Coven hair & make-up Isabell Flierbaum with products by Chanel
"Frame of Mind" by Torne Velk

“Frame of Mind” by Torne Velk

photographer Torne Velk model Luke Volker @ Boss Models Cape Town
"A thousand Kiss's Deep" by Amer Mohamad

“A thousand Kiss’s Deep” by Amer Mohamad

photographer Amer Mohamad model Bronia @ Base Models Malaysia style Lisa F makeup Amanda Lim Suat Koon  
"The Mark Of Street" by Jesus Villanueva

“The Mark Of Street” by Jesus Villanueva

photographer Jesus Villanueva model 1 Daniel Furlong @ Hard Model Management model 2 Carlos Sainz @ Capital Model Management stylist Jesus Ríos make-up Alexander Medina hair Erin Dimond
"Suburban Odyssey" by Piotr Stankiewicz

“Suburban Odyssey” by Piotr Stankiewicz

photographer Piotr Stankiewicz model Mateusz Jarzebiak @ D’Vision stylist Kuba Bronk hair stylist Magda Jankowska @ Ego Studio make-up artist Agnieszka Jaczewska
"Magda" by Konrad Jakubowski

“Magda” by Konrad Jakubowski

photographer Konrad Jakubowski model Magda Andruszkiewicz @ Iconic Management make-up Katarzyna Konkolowska assistant Kamila Lewdanska thanks to Akademia Sztuk Walki (ASW) in Szczecin for lending space
"ALLOY" by Jasmin Kuhn

“ALLOY” by Jasmin Kuhn

director/DP Jasmin Kuhn model Annie Montgomery, Ashley Graves, Yasmina Jones @ Photogenics LA hair Sabrina Burns make-up Debra Macki
"A Painted Dandy" by Liz Scarlet

“A Painted Dandy” by Liz Scarlet

photography Melissa Houben models Peter & Nicolai @ Ego’s Models styling Liz Scarlet muah Ashley Wolthers & Suzanne van Schie assistant Robin Black location Louis Hartlooper Complex Utrecht 1: shirt Velours 2: left: sweater Zanerobe / right: shirt Asos, pants Weekday, shoes Asos, bowtie Zipper 3: left: shirt Zanerobe, shorts Velours, shoes River Island, socks Happy Socks / right:...
"The Beach" by Martin Strauss

“The Beach” by Martin Strauss

photography & retouching Martin Strauss model Ellen Eiselin @ Model-Fabrik Berlin make-up & hair Ivana Zoric using MAC Cosmetics set-assistant Manuela Clemens
"Just For Fun" by Maria Martinez

“Just For Fun” by Maria Martinez

photography Maria Martinez model Esther Ferriol @Carmen Duran Mgmt styling By Marezzi makeup Inma Pepiol assistant Anne Sophie Crocquevielle
"Knitted story" by Juliya Chernyshova

“Knitted story” by Juliya Chernyshova

photography Juliya Chernyshova model Dasha @ Model Agency MSS stylist Varvara Barto make-up artist Julia Kuzmenko
"Winter Dreaming" by Jasmin Kuhn

“Winter Dreaming” by Jasmin Kuhn

photography Jasmin Kuhn model Aned @ Photogencis LA make-up/hair Veronica Nunez @ veronicajnunez.com styling Loni Polkey + Sebastien Hohl
"Victoria" by Nancy Schoenmakers

“Victoria” by Nancy Schoenmakers

photographer Nancy Schoenmakers@ Eric Elenbaas model Victoria@ Balistarz stylist Gerline Hornsveld @ HMS make up artist Anja Burck@ Balistarz hairstylist Kiefer Lippens@ RobPeetoom
"Seven" by Hyunjin Park

“Seven” by Hyunjin Park

photographer Hyunjin Park model Gabriela Bloomgarden @ Re:Quest model art director & stylist Soo Kei make-up & hair artist Jiyeon Kim
"Being Between" by Asia Wittkowstein & Wojtek Gardas

“Being Between” by Asia Wittkowstein & Wojtek Gardas

photography Asia Wittkowstein & Wojtek Gardas model Justyna Wisniewska designer Wiola Wolczynska stylist Asia Wittkowstein mua & hair Agnieszka Dudon
"Prism" by Kayt Webster-Brown

“Prism” by Kayt Webster-Brown

photography Kayt Webster-Brown model Kat Nemcova @ MILK hair & makeup Min Sandhu
"A Pair of Queens" by Alkan Emin

“A Pair of Queens” by Alkan Emin

photographer & art director Alkan Emin (instagram / facebook) fashion stylist Vanessa Sanchez (instagram / facebook) hair & makeup artist Roger Medina @ Judy Inc. model Charlotte @ Sutherland Models model Zoe C @ Sutherland Models
"Milola" by Spencer Edwards

“Milola” by Spencer Edwards

photography Spencer Edwards models Lola & Milly @ Dulcedo styling Blanca Romero make-up Emy Filteau