"Chiaroscuro" by Dominika Jarczynska

“Chiaroscuro” by Dominika Jarczynska

photography Dominika Jarczynska model Jennifer | UnitedforModels designer KOSIDLO styling Karolina Kosidlo mua Klaudia Szaflarska
"She" by Tatiana Palucka

“She” by Tatiana Palucka

photographer Tatiana Palucka model Magdalena K / Free Models Agency (new face) stylist Magda Harner Studio makeup Gabrysia Barcz
"Rebel Black" by Amer Mohamad

“Rebel Black” by Amer Mohamad

photographer Amer Mohamad (instagram / behance) model Nikita Tyulyandin styling Svetlana Fyodorova
"Belgrade Docking" by Bisera Stefanovic

“Belgrade Docking” by Bisera Stefanovic

photographer Bisera Stefanovic models Maria & George @ DREA MODEL PLACEMENT  mua & styling Drea Vujovic shot on the banks of Sava river in Belgrade
"Homesick for Paris" by Tanya Olifirenko

“Homesick for Paris” by Tanya Olifirenko

photography & styling Tanya Olifirenko model Anna Samar, starsystem Kiev mua Nataly Dashkovskaya clothes Vorozhbyt-Zemskova
"Dichotomy" by Daniel Fliegauf

“Dichotomy” by Daniel Fliegauf

photographed by Daniel Fliegauf model Bianca @ ICON Model Management styling Elliot Parker & Frida Balla make-up Orsolya Amanda Kustos hair stylist Csaba Ovari
"Greenger" by Asia Wittkowstein & Wojtek Gardas

“Greenger” by Asia Wittkowstein & Wojtek Gardas

photography Asia Wittkowstein & Wojtek Gardas model Justyna Wiśniewska styling Asia Wittkowstein hair & make-up Karolina Shumilas
"Melodie Classique" by Dominika Jeziorska

“Melodie Classique” by Dominika Jeziorska

photographer Dominika Jeziorska model Kinga Trojan @ D’vision stylist Patryk Lisek make-up Karolona Pawlowska  
"Off Duty" by Ruby Byrne

“Off Duty” by Ruby Byrne

photographer Ruby Byrne model Alicia Ruelas @ Two Management fashion stylist Erica Sanae hair & make-up Travis Vu
"Wanderlust" by Raluca Ciornea

“Wanderlust” by Raluca Ciornea

photography, concept, edit Raluca Ciornea model Paula Hentes hairstyle Mihaela Vodnar – Ciao Bella mua Loredana Lupea (MAC Make-up Artist) assistant Ioana Cozmescu  
"Andromeda" by Mae Richards

“Andromeda” by Mae Richards

photography Mae Richards model Emma @ IMG stylist Sam Bates makeup Caitlin Wooters hair Stephen Hudson
"Plain & Clean" by Darius Lucaciu

“Plain & Clean” by Darius Lucaciu

photographer Darius Lucaciu model Cristy K. @ Exit Model Management make-up & hair Julian Burlacu assistant Moni Ertl
"Simple Beauty" by Kamila Lewdanska & Konrad Jakubowski

“Simple Beauty” by Kamila Lewdanska & Konrad Jakubowski

photographers Kamila Lewdanska & Konrad Jakubowski model Magda Andruszkiewicz
"Classic Sound" by Pawel Wylag

“Classic Sound” by Pawel Wylag

photographer Pawel Wylag model Alex / Unitedformodels designer Pola Rudnicki
"De Nîmes" by Xavier Montpetit

“De Nîmes” by Xavier Montpetit

photography Xavier Montpetit model & stylist Amelie Joncas Flynn make-up artist Marie-Eve Chartrand
"Jacksonville" by David Cabrera

“Jacksonville” by David Cabrera

photography & post-production David Cabrera models Axelle Raide @ Montevideo Models Management, Maia Berg (No agency) styling David Cabrera & Victoria Callejas make-up & hair Amapola Vera
"Colour Time" by Charly Calderon

“Colour Time” by Charly Calderon

photography Charly Calderon model Jose Enrique @ Berta Models styling Antonio Azcona make-up Veronica Caoete retouch Fernando Diaz
"The Continuation Of The Line" Collection by Klekko

“The Continuation Of The Line” Collection by Klekko

The emerging Polish clothing brand Klekko launches the new autumn/winter 2014/2015 collection ‘Numer 3/3 Bolder Line’. It is fully dedicated to the process of destruction, internal struggle and disintegration, observed from a distance, without comments, or any clear punch line. This collection is addressed to fans of minimalist cut with a sort of edginess and...
"Plùs Que Ma Vìe" collection by Andrea Lazzari

“Plùs Que Ma Vìe” collection by Andrea Lazzari

photographer Giovanni Nardi (facebook/behance) model Nicolo Michielin styling Andrea Lazzari The Spring Summer 2015 collection by Plùs Que Ma Vìe is based on a symbolic and deep reflection on the theme of Aquarium. Aquarium intended as a multitude of lives that intersect and co-operate between them, as a universe of colors from which to take the...
"Metamorphosis" 15AW Collection by Sing Yu Chan

“Metamorphosis” 15AW Collection by Sing Yu Chan

collaboration project Sing Yu Chan & Yuan Tian(Knitwear) photographer Jose Montemayor stylist Sophia Drakou model Oliver Cookson @ AMCK Metamorphosis is a biological process, a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly. In this...
"Last Days Of Summer" by Karolina Wilczynska

“Last Days Of Summer” by Karolina Wilczynska

photographer Karolina Wilczynska model & stylist Katarzyna Kmiotek @ AS Management
"Ice Machine Collection" by Marko Potkozarac Feher

“Ice Machine Collection” by Marko Potkozarac Feher

photographer Sasa Savicic model Neda Milojcic @ ABC MODELS BIH fashion designer Marko Potkozarac Feher According to the psychology, white color represents innocence, purity, holiness, simplicity in positive connotations, while in the negative connotations it represents fragility, isolation and coldness. With this collection, I wanted to connect all the emotional and spiritual states, and with that to add...
"Coral Beauty" by Kyle Allan

“Coral Beauty” by Kyle Allan

photographer Kyle Allan model Coral Swindells mua Stephanie Swain
"Ramblin’ Rose" by Tony Byrd

“Ramblin’ Rose” by Tony Byrd

photographer Tony Byrd model Ariel @ Wilhelmina L.A. stylist Jenni Lee hair & mua Tami Shirey shoot on location in 29 Palms, CA
"White Out" by Iko Maramo

“White Out” by Iko Maramo

photographer Iko Maramo model Leah @ Elite (Toronto) stylist Jaclyn Bonavota makeup & hair Windy Chiu
"Graph City" by Charly Calderon

“Graph City” by Charly Calderon

photographer Charly Calderon model Xixia @ UNO MODELS stylist B·rbara Lafuente muah Almudena Barbosa  
"Chasing the Light" by James Brokensha

“Chasing the Light” by James Brokensha

photography, concept & retouch James Brokensha model & make-up Grace Badcock
"Beautiful Dangerous" by Ludivine Jamin

“Beautiful Dangerous” by Ludivine Jamin

photographer & post production Ludivine Jamin model Juliette @ Karin Models  stylist Yaya Moo make-up & hair Audrey Payet
"Kayla" by Alkan Emin

“Kayla” by Alkan Emin

photographer Alkan Emin (Instagram, Facebook) model Kayla @ Spot 6 fashion stylist Vanessa Sanchez (Instagram) hair & makeup Natalia Zurawska (Instagram, Facebook)   Hair and Make-up: Kayla’s Foundation – Cover Fx in N110   Eyes – shadow by M.A.C in Swimming and Steamy Lips – Sushi Kiss Lipstick by M.A.C Cheeks – Cha Cha Tint by Benefit Eyes...