"Coral Beauty" by Kyle Allan

“Coral Beauty” by Kyle Allan

photographer Kyle Allan model Coral Swindells mua Stephanie Swain
"Ramblin’ Rose" by Tony Byrd

“Ramblin’ Rose” by Tony Byrd

photographer Tony Byrd model Ariel @ Wilhelmina L.A. stylist Jenni Lee hair & mua Tami Shirey shoot on location in 29 Palms, CA
"White Out" by Iko Maramo

“White Out” by Iko Maramo

photographer Iko Maramo model Leah @ Elite (Toronto) stylist Jaclyn Bonavota makeup & hair Windy Chiu
"Graph City" by Charly Calderon

“Graph City” by Charly Calderon

photographer Charly Calderon model Xixia @ UNO MODELS stylist B·rbara Lafuente muah Almudena Barbosa  
"Chasing the Light" by James Brokensha

“Chasing the Light” by James Brokensha

photography, concept & retouch James Brokensha model & make-up Grace Badcock
"Kayla" by Alkan Emin

“Kayla” by Alkan Emin

photographer Alkan Emin (Instagram, Facebook) model Kayla @ Spot 6 fashion stylist Vanessa Sanchez (Instagram) hair & makeup Natalia Zurawska (Instagram, Facebook)   Hair and Make-up: Kayla’s Foundation – Cover Fx in N110   Eyes – shadow by M.A.C in Swimming and Steamy Lips – Sushi Kiss Lipstick by M.A.C Cheeks – Cha...
"Summer Vibes" by Pawel Lewandowski

“Summer Vibes” by Pawel Lewandowski

photographer & stylist Pawel Lewandowski model Karolina Laczkowska / HOOK
"Heatwave" by Calin Andreescu

“Heatwave” by Calin Andreescu

photography / concept / retouch Calin Andreescu model Raluca Mos @ MyGuys Agency make-up & hair Loredana Lupea assistant Valentina Foltis
"Satyricon" by Aaron Feaver

“Satyricon” by Aaron Feaver

photographer Aaron Feaver @ Nouvelle Vague model Heather Kemesky @ Vision hair & makeup Regina Delemos
"Professional Widow" by Tori Ferenc

“Professional Widow” by Tori Ferenc

photographer Tori Ferenc model Kama Glowacka @ Orange Model Agency designer Agata Warmuz  make-up & hair Gosia Barczynska
"Ashes" by Verena Mandragora

“Ashes” by Verena Mandragora

photographer Verena Mandragora model Tabita @ Tempo Models styling Edisa Shahini make-up & hair Jessica Lang  
"Beautiful Dangerous" by Ludivine Jamin

“Beautiful Dangerous” by Ludivine Jamin

photographer & post production Ludivine Jamin model Juliette @ Karin Models  stylist Yaya Moo make-up & hair Audrey Payet
"Can You Feel" by Svetlana Nova

“Can You Feel” by Svetlana Nova

photographer Svetlana Nova model Alika @ teffimodels.com.ua
"Dark Alley" by Jimmy Tang

“Dark Alley” by Jimmy Tang

photography Jimmy Tang model Sebastian Lysén @ Lind Models
"In Limbo" by Julia Keltsch

“In Limbo” by Julia Keltsch

photography & retouch Julia Keltsch (www.facebook.com/juliakeltschphotography) model Maike/m4 styling Lily Gehrke hair & make-up Ann-Christin Gerkens
"The sides of Woman" of Svetlana Nova

“The sides of Woman” of Svetlana Nova

photographer & styling Svetlana Nova model Anastasiya Kovalchyk @ teffimodels.com.ua
"Helia" by Ewa Kepys

“Helia” by Ewa Kepys

photographer Ewa Kepys model Karolina @ COMO Model Management mua Monika Koziel styling Kata Haratym designer Malgorzata Chara
"Royal Girl" by Julia Rabkin

“Royal Girl” by Julia Rabkin

photographer & stylist Julia Rabkin model Katie Mason hair stylist Krista Inzinga make-up Claire Kenna
"Follow the line | ss14 | number 2/3" by Klekko

“Follow the line | ss14 | number 2/3″ by Klekko

photography Tomasz Haczyk clothes Klekko models Zuzanna, Mateusz, Rafal, Marko  LOOKBOOK:   Klekko is a new trend in Polish fashion which brings together the aesthetic of scandinavian designs with compliant and casual thinking about creating clothes. The brand is connecting fearless improvisation with mathematic accuracy. The poetic of the projects consists on searching for the...
"Jayne" by Alex Hutchinson

“Jayne” by Alex Hutchinson

photography Alex Hutchinson model Jayne Higgins styling Rebecca McKinney makeup Stevey Lennox 
"Electric Youth" by Patrick Lascina

“Electric Youth” by Patrick Lascina

photographer Patrick Lacsina model Emma @ Elite styling Skye Kelton @ Plutino Group hair & makeup Bree Powell @ Plutino Group
"New Amsterdam" by Michael Fortner

“New Amsterdam” by Michael Fortner

photography & styling Michael Fortner model Wouter van den Bosch @ Ford Models New York grooming Rommy Najor
"Caribbean Flavour" by Jonny Storey

“Caribbean Flavour” by Jonny Storey

photographer Jonny Storey model Khadijha @ Milk Management photographer’s assistant Liam Bundy make-up artist Athena Skouvakis at Frank Agency