photographer Isolde Woudstra
make-up & hair Patricia de Reus
models Fabienne Kradolfer, Denise van Gent, Selina Latour

About the collection:

Please let me introduce to you my graduation collection ‘Der Mut zum Unsinn ist der Mut zum Sein.’. A humorous reaction to today’s stressful society. In today’s stressful life, we sometimes forget our human needs. We find ourselves constantly under pressure, because of the expectations other people have of us, be it our boss, teacher, parents or frequently our own expectations. We are constantly living up to expectations and it is exhausting us. We are exhausted of ‘doing’, of the logic of clock and calendar that we always have to follow, like functional little machines. The modern world makes us work too hard and feel needy and incomplete. Therefore, we become predatory producers and hungry consumers.
Realising the absurdity of our current predicament, it made me wonder: Why are we doing this? Why are we doing what we are doing instead of being who we are? Why are we struggling to do and not enjoying to be? Have we all gone insane? In the insanity of everyday life during World War I an art movement called Dadaism posed the same question. Now nearly a century later their answer to the question is just as applicable as back then. Their answer was to turn to the nonsensical and use humour. The moment we are laughing, we forget about schedules, ambitions, deadlines and expectations. Humour can be a powerful and effective mechanism for coping with stress. In humour and Dadaism, I seek inspiration for my graduation collection.
During my own struggles with the pressures of today’s hectic life, I have searched for possible perspectives on this issue. This search has led to the following themes: humour, Dadaism, the unfunctional, the unaesthetic, and deformation.
These five elements reject conventional aesthetics and social values. They provoke and confront, and differ from the usual design principles in fashion, thereby breaking the bonds of logical thought. My goal is to help the audience reconnect through laughter, amaze them, surprise them, confuse them, and make them think about new perspectives. Based on the rejection of doing and living up to expectations, I developed the following concept:
Clocks ticking, agenda’s, deadlines, expectations, expectations. Doing, doing, doing. Everyone is watching. Steadily the pressure builds, until our logic cracks and a bright ray of colourful nonsense breaks free. In the background a large silhouette asks: what makes nonsense nonsensical? When is aesthetic not aesthetic? Unplanned, undefined but playful. Sometimes things are as simple as a kid’s drawing.

About the designer:
Maria Wöstmann is a womenswear designer, just graduated in June 2015 from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The Dadaistic inspired graduation collection ‘Der Mut zum Unsinn ist der Mut zum Sein.’ combines her eye for details and craftsmanship spiced up with an entertaining sense of humour.