Creative Artist/Designer Brian Chan
Photographer Dawn Marie Jones
Hair Stylist Chris Dickson
Make-up Artist Johanne Ballantyne
Models Julia Brown, Bethany Brown, Kirstin Gribbin
Assistances / Helpers Dennis Penev, Stanislav Stoyanov, Ian Hanlon

Photographer Christian Caterham / Brighton Fashion Week

BRIAN CHAN ‘The Fusion of Fine Art and Fashion’

I was born and raised in Scotland; a persistent and unpredictable weather changing country with a large multicultural society. My creative talents are a mix bag of; Drawing, Installation, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Fashion.

Ever-since I graduated from The Glasgow School of Art studying Painting and Printmaking, June 2012. I have focused my creative energy and transforming my art into fashion pieces. Even though I have no fashion training but my passions for art, craftsmanship and interest in fashion has taken the creative industry by storm. My desires for greater new challenges have leaded me to demonstrate there are no barriers for creative individuals, to just go for it and follow your dreams and passions. Regardless in what discipline you have trained yourself as. For me my aims are to set that example through fashion and be acknowledged internationally. I believe it is about pushing the boundaries and the possibilities of what the future of fashion is about. I see it as a form of art and giving art legs.

My Label is based on Menswear, Womenswear and Accessories. The Label showcases the concept of the fusion between Art and Fashion to forming an artistic lifestyle within the creative industry.
It’s a combination of Modern Art and Contemporary Fashion. The style expresses a sense of playfulness, quirkiness and adventurousness, through the characteristics in relation to abstraction. It is bold, daring, edgy, lively and trendy as well as offering an energetic galactic experience. Showcasing artworks beyond the art galleries and seeing art coming to life through Fashion by turning them into wearable art, bringing new energy to the runway. I believe it’s a lifestyle; we live it so lets wear it

I was shortlisted Top 10 with the WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2012. After my London Fashion Week 2013 debut I was featured in Evening Times and Glaswegian newspaper. I also showcased at Brighton Fashion Week The Zeitgeist Show on the 2013. It’s one of UK’s most colourful, vibrant, theatrical, edgy and stimulating events of the year. Additional I was a selected finalist for Britain’s Top Designer Award 2014. Furthermore, showcasing my creativity on Britain’s Got Talent 2014 as a semi-finalist. It was a combination of Contemporary Fashion and Modern Art, a refreshing moment that made a huge impact across the nation. In addition I have been featured and published on various medias. Soon after my latest appearance was at Liverpool Fashion Week as the Headliner.
I truly believe my achievements; beliefs and determinations can contribute to the Fashion industry with a fresh new energy and taking this to the next level from my artistic abilities.

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