photographer Rossana Mendes Fonseca 

model Maryana Tsyutsyk @ Just Models
fashion designer Ana Segurado (Facebook/Instagram)
hair & location Hair Identity 

make-up Patricia Rodrigues Make Up

jewellery collaboration NUUK 

special thanks Whoa, Andreia Fonseca, Diogo Aguiar

Portuguese young fashion brand Ana Segurado sums up the designer’s creative statement: “cruelty free” exclusive clothing combining material interactions with unexpected results.
Eclectic and highly individual, moving between fashion and the street, Essential Spring Summer 2016 Collection intended to explore alternative ways of using forms, with destroyed textures and patterns, but keeping it pure and wearable.
Inspired by several women artists (Patti Smith, Joan Didion, Yayoi Kusama, Edith Piaff), and following their way of thinking and living, the collection combines classical references and “youth culture”, stating that confidence comes from self-expression. Shredded denim with failure frayed points and jacquard micromotifs are used to express the duality between street inspiration, music and “arts and crafts”. Pieces work in layers recreating basics “hand-me down”: capes, inspired-kimono coats, sweaters and tube dresses.
The prints are inspired in the australian textile artist India Flint with the series of work: Sense of Place, where she creates dyes of fallen leaves, rinds and earth pigments.

Creativity comes from the inside, rejection of external influences. Confidence and self-expression.

Patti Smith “No one expected me. Everything awaited me”
Joan Didion “We tell ourselves stories in order to live”
Yayoi Kusama “My art is not only with paper and brush, but the world I see is endless space”
Edith Piaf “ It is love that makes you dream”

Ana Segurado is graduated in Fashion Design. In 2012, she won the 1st prize in Young Fashion Designers Contest at Modtíssimo – Oporto – Portugal. In October 2012 had her 1st participation at the Portugal Fashion – Space Bloom Oporto – Portugal.