What a crazy suggestion right? Well, if that’s what you were thinking when you read this title, you were dead wrong. You see sex toys are a great way help relieve yourself of the tension that builds up every day in your life. This as a result can have a profound impact on your daily life in ways that you’ve never imagined. Don’t believe us? Well keep reading to learn just why sex toys are the perfect way to maintain a healthy, stress-free lifestyle, and just a great way to masturbate in general.

The key to this line of thinking boils down to one thing: orgasms. To start off, let me ask you something: how do you normally feel after you orgasm? Most of you, in fact just about all of you are probably saying something along the lines of being totally relaxed and in a great place emotionally. That is because sexual pleasure releases endorphins into your body, which helps you to relieve stress and let loose. And orgasms are when such hormones really start moving. So every time you orgasm, you are basically going into a state of pure ecstasy.

However, the problem really lies in achieving said orgasms. You see, with even the most loving husband or boyfriend in the world, it’s not always a guarantee that you can orgasm when having sex with him. In fact, most women are unable to orgasm during sex. It’s such an unfortunate fact of life, but luckily there are ways to get around that. Now at first, you may be thinking of the more obvious solution to lack of orgasm: masturbation, primarily with your hand and without the need for a sex toy. But the truth of the matter is that a sex toy adds a whole new dimension to your play time!

First off, they can simply make you feel so much better than your hands ever could. If you’ve ever owned any sort of vibrator, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. As soon as that beautiful vibrator head touches your sensitive womanhood, it hits you hard – in a good way though! You instantly get turned on, and can easily almost automatically orgasm within minutes! Vibrations and other sensations specifically unique to sex toys make masturbating fun again, compared to doing it the “old-fashioned way” with your hands, which I think we all can agree can get boring over time.

The other aspect of sex toys is not physical but rather psychological. You see, the very thought of owning a sex toy is quite kinky in its own right. This makes sense if you’ve ever heard of a guy talking about how much he would love seeing a girl use a sex toy, or being with a girl who was into sex toys. So actually owning a sex toy will help make you feel sexier (and hornier) as a result. And actually using it on yourself will turn you on even more in the heat of the moment. I know that all may sound pretty crazy, but if think of it this way: once you start masturbating with your vibrator or dildo or whatever the case may be, you’ll start thinking about how much guys would be loving the sight of this, and that thought alone will get your blood racing in a heartbeat!

If you don’t believe me, just try it out for yourself and you’ll see just how much hornier and sexier you feel in the moment! And again, this is all in addition to the actual physical pleasure that your sex toy will be providing you with! As you can see, using a sex toy is a great way to not only de-stress and remove built up tension, but it is also just a great way to masturbate in general!

One caution that I would like to add is that while sex toys themselves are amazing in their own right, we here at Modo personally do not recommend the use of pornography while using your sex toys (or ever for that matter). The reason being is that porn is so dramatized and fantasized that it ends up desensitizing you to real sex and the real companionship of another man over time. And while sex toys are certainly powerful physical tools, they pale in comparison to the power that porn has as a mental tool. For this reason, we highly recommend avoiding it at all cost. But if you do watch porn, then at the very least try to limit how often you watch it, as much as possible. It will be much better for your own sexual health and satisfaction, especially when you do (inevitably) go back to the real thing from time to time.

So as a refresher, hopefully you at least remember that having an orgasm is a masterful way of releasing any unwanted, built-up tension, almost instantly. And if you remember that, then hopefully you also will remember that sex toys are the most effective way of achieving such a feat. Whether you are extremely stressed out at work, or possibly completely frustrated at your husband or kids for something they did just minutes prior, the simple touch of the perfect sex toy is all you need to quickly snap out of your funk and return to your happy place! Not to mention that masturbating with a sex toy is so much better than doing it the old-fashioned way! So if you ever masturbate (and let’s be honest ladies – we all do it), then you should strongly consider buying some sex toys to help you get down and dirty with yourself the next time you do the deed!