No matter what sort of wardrobe you keep, you almost certainly have at least one pair of jeans. In fact, they are a staple of the American fashion scene – the most versatile piece of clothing that can work with a variety of outfits. However, many woman say that jeans can be so stressful for a number of reasons, whether it comes to shopping for them, or simply finding the best ways to wear them effectively. Luckily for you, we are here to share the most important tips for keeping your jeans game on point! Note that these tips are mostly when it comes to shopping for jeans, but we did throw in a particular outfit with your jeans that is all the rage right now, just as a bonus!


Jeans shopping takes time

Our first tip is more of a reality check for many young women. The truth of the matter is that you won’t just walk into a store and find the perfect pair of jeans on the first try. Not even on the second or third try. On average, women need to try on four pairs before finding the perfect fit. So be patient, and understand that jeans shopping is a process. It requires a significant time commitment on your part, but the end results when you finally find the perfect fit are totally worth it, considering that jeans last years without needing to be replaced! Speaking of finding the perfect fit…


Fits (and sizes) vary by brand

Just because you find a “slim fit” pair of jeans in Brand X, don’t assume that another “slim fit” pair of jeans in Brand Y is even remotely similar. Every brand is different when it comes to how they label their fits, and for that matter even the sizing can be vastly different from brand to brand. Plus, the labeling on the pair of jeans can be outright incorrect as well. So when shopping for jeans, don’t get too hung up on the name of the “fit”, or the number of the “size” you are looking for. Pay more attention to how they actually fit on your body when trying them out and base your decision based on that rather than labels that are really nothing more than words and numbers for customers to use only as a guide.


Brand names are overrated

What we mean by this is simply not to get too attached to big brand names when shopping for jeans. Instead, focus on the fit that they provide you with, and base your decision on what gives you the best fit (even if it ends up being a no-name brand). No one other than yourself will truly know what the brand name of the jeans you are wearing actually is, so the focus should always be on the actual fit (not to mention quality and comfort) of your jeans.


Focus on darker jeans

Without overgeneralizing too much, the basic idea behind this tip is the fact that jeans with a darker color are typically more flattering compared to lighter jeans. Darker jeans also imply that the jeans are newer than jeans that appear faded (at least in terms of appearance), making them a good choice if you want to look well-kept and looked at as having a fresh new wardrobe. This obviously isn’t to say that faded jeans are bad, but if you are on the fence about either one, we would go with darker jeans. But if you are shopping for multiple jeans, we would recommend shopping for variety of both darker and lighter jeans.


Faded spots emphasize those areas of your body

If you do decide to go with jeans that are bleached and have patches of faded color in them, keep in mind that those faded areas will end up emphasizing those parts of your body. In other words, they will make those areas look bigger. In most cases, this isn’t a huge deal breaker (and actually can be used to your advantage depending on your body type), but if for example you don’t want your thighs in particular to look bigger than they actually are, make sure to avoid jeans that are faded in that area, as that will end up being an unflattering look for you personally.


The latest fashion trend for wearing jeans

While there are plenty of great outfits to use with your jeans, we decided to end the article with one of our favorites. A big trend right now is jeans paired with some cute sneakers. However, to make sure you don’t look too sporty, we recommend pairing it with some elegant, sexy tops, or layers and accessories such as sweaters or scarfs (rather than an athletic-looking T-Shirt or the like). This hybrid look is definitely in fashion right now, and creates a cute yet elegant look that can be worn when taking part in just about any day-to-day activities.


Hopefully the tips in this article end up becoming a big help for you ladies the next time you go out shopping for jeans. The best part about jeans, in our opinion, is that there are literally hundreds of different size, shape and color combinations, meaning that there is a perfect pair of jeans for every woman. As long as you take the time and remain patient and diligent in your search, you should be able to find just the right pair for you. And once you do, you’ll have the perfect staple to add to your wardrobe for many years to come!